See 5 reason you shouldn’t depend on school alone to be successful


Education is mandatory, school is not.

if you’re depending on school to succeed in life, then you’re a lazy person. Do not get preoccupied with course work and neglect your natural gifts, potentials and eternal purpose.
after a good and solid foundation of the primary and secondary education.

5 Lessons

#1: Life is bigger than school
It is not what you studied in school that makes you. It is what you learn through life that squeezes you to bring out your best. Learning is a life-style. Learn more than what you are taught.
#2: Develop Good Human Relations
Do not play with good relationships. If you’re not good with people, you’ll be limited. Be at peace with all men. Never say, “That’s how I am. I keep to myself” No. Upgrade yourself to have a good team spirit. The most important thing is not your certificate, it is the network of contacts you build.
#3: You don’t need a great idea
It is not a great idea that works. It is a great execution that does it. All you need is to figure out how best to make it work.
#4: Go beyond the call
Do more than you’re paid to do. Go the extra mile. Somebody will recognize you and recommend you for a higher position. Go beyond the call of duty.
#5: Do what you love
It is either you do what you love or love what you do. There has to be some loving. You know, you can love somebody, and that somebody might not love you back. But when you love your purpose, purpose loves you right back. Everyday is exciting when you do what you love.