Get a tablet for super cheap — check out Amazon’s Fire tablet sale for Prime Day and save big.


So you already have a laptop and a smartphone, and you want a tablet so you can round out your tech collection, but do you really need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the newest iPad when your other devices already do a lot of the things it features

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to have a tablet in your possession — we just think it’s a better idea to save the cash instead of buying something that serves the same purpose as your smartphone for such a high price.

that’s where Amazon fire tablet line of Fire Tablets come in — for a special Prime Day treat, these already cheap touchscreen devices have some extremely steep discounts. So yeah, hold off on buying that iPad for now.

Are they the best tablets on the market? No. But they’re super cheap and you can buy them in bulk.

Here’s the rundown on what you can get during the Prime Day Fire Tablet sale, which just went up a day early:

  • The Fire 7 — Get up to seven hours of reading, web browsing, and media playing with the Fire 7. It also has two cameras, a speedy processor, beautiful display, and is compatible with Alexa hands-free voice controls. Grab one at just $29.99 for Prime Day, a full $20 off the usual price.
  • The Fire 7 Kids Edition — Get all the benefits of the Fire 7, but with the addition of a protective kid-proof case, intuitive parental controls, one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a two-year worry-free guarantee. Get one on Prime Day for just $59.99, saving you a total of $40.
  • The Fire HD 8 — Faster, bigger, clearer, and longer-lasting than the Fire 7, the Fire HD 8 is the perfect upgrade for those who have a little extra cash to spare. Pick one up for $30 off the original price — just $49.99 on Prime Day.
  • The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition — Like the Fire 7 Kids Edition, but with the added upgrades from the HD 8 model. That means a clearer, larger display, faster processing speeds, and a longer battery life. Get it for Prime Day at just $79.99, a savings of $50.
  • The Fire HD 10 — Amazon’s latest and greatest tablet is also on sale. The Fire HD 10 has the largest, most crystal-clear HD display yet, along with more storage space, processing speed, and more in-depth Alexa skills. One of these can be yours for $99.99 on Prime Day, saving you $50.

Oh, you thought that was all? Nope. All of these Fire Tablet models also come in super-saving two-pack options:

  • Fire 7 two-pack — $49.98 (that’s like getting each one for less than $25)
  • Fire 7 Kids Edition two-pack — $99.98
  • Fire HD 8 two-pack — $79.98

Get a tablet for super cheap — check out Amazon’s Fire tablet sale for Prime Day and save big.