How to start mobile data reselling business in Nigeria 2019 (The methods and alternatives)


In this blog post, you’ll learn all the methods, ways and alternatives through which you can start your very own mobile data selling or reselling business in Nigeria at little cost while outlining the benefits and shortcomings of each of the methods discussed.

Factors to be considered before starting a mobile data reselling business in Nigeria

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Before I introduce you to this business, there are some factors you need to consider in making the right decision on which method is best for you to get started with.

The following are the major factors that you should consider before venturing into mobile data reselling business in Nigeria:

1. Market availability:

Before starting mobile data reselling business in Nigeria, you need to consider who will buy your data subscription. Do you have an established customers who are ready and willing to patronise you? This factor is very crucial in ensuring that you are able to share your data completely before it expires. If you are just starting and you do not have enough customers to market your business to, it’s advisable you make use of a wholesale mobile data reseller who you can always pay to deliver data to your customers.

2. Capital:

Do you possess enough capital to buy bulk airtime and data for each of the major networks we have in Nigeria? Buying the least MTN SME data plan alone requires a minimum of N10K. If your answer to this question is no, then you should start reselling data through a wholesale mobile data reseller.

3. Availablity of each network SIM:

To start sharing and reselling mobile data for each network, you need to consider the availability of these networks’ SIMs and the phones to power them with. If you do not have adequate access to these SIMs and the networks itself, it would be advisable you start reselling through a wholesale mobile data reseller.

4. Risks:

The risks involved in running a data reselling business in Nigeria depends on the chosen methods. Some of the risks include: data expiring before you sell the data finish, inability to share MTN SME data on your SIM because of MTN SME data share limit reached, some issues with customers complaining that they are unable to browse with 9mobile SME data (this issue is only peculiar to 9mobile SME data and it affects few 9mobile numbers), inability to share 9mobile SME data to a customer because their number is sponsored by another reseller’s data wallet, unavailability of your data supplier to deliver data when you have customer that needs data urgently, data delivering more than once because of network issues, delays and errors associated with using websites and so many others not mentioned. Prospective data resellers should be aware of these risks and employ solutions to managing them. If you don’t understand the business and the strategies involved in mitigating these risks, you are better off starting through a wholesale mobile data reseller.

5. Network availablity in your area:

Is there any good network coverage in your area for the network you intend reselling. If the network of the company you plan reselling its mobile data is poor in your area, you may end up disappointing customers, risk encountering sharing errors and loss of data due to network errors.

6. Availability of internet access:

You need constant access to the internet so as to enable smooth communication and maintenance of good relationship with your data supplier through online messsgers such as WhatsApp if you are reselling data through a wholesale mobile data reseller. You need internet access too if you plan reselling through a website or appapp.

7. Accessibility to (internet or mobile) banking services:

Before you start reselling mobile data through a wholesale mobile data reseller, you need to consider how you are going to pay him to deliver data to your customers. Easy and quick access to 24/7 banking services will make it possible to pay your data supplier at anytime without the need for physical contact.

Who’s a mobile data reseller?

A mobile data reseller in Nigeria is one whose business involves buying of telecommunication network’s mobile data in bulk for later reselling to customers (end users) or another mobile data reseller (a retail mobile data reseller) who acts as a middle man between a supplier (a wholesale mobile data reseller) and the end users. In this definition, you can see we have two major types of mobile data resellers in Nigeria, viz. Wholesale mobile data reseller and retail mobile data reseller.

What is mobile data Reselling business in Nigeria?

Mobile data reselling business in Nigeria involves the sales and reselling of mobile data plans through purchase of telecommunication network SME bundles in bulk. These bulk mobile data purchased directly from the network at low cost are then reshared with end users or mobile data retailers who resell to the final users. There are different ways of starting or setting up your own mobile data reselling business in Nigeria. You can become a wholesale mobile data vendor who buys data directly from network operators at low cost. Wholesale mobile data resellers require high capital investment to buy bulk mobile data large enough to reduce cost. You can become a mobile data retailer by reselling mobile data from wholesale mobile data resellers. Mobile data retailers can start up with as little as the cost of purchasing a unit product. All they need is redirecting each and every requests from their customers to a wholesale mobile data reseller who then complete the order on their behalf. Thus, a  mobile data retailer is like a middle man in the business. Now, we know what a wholesale mobile data reseller and a mobile data retailer is, the question that comes to the mind is how do a retailer find a wholesaler that offers mobile data at cheap prices? This is where platforms comes in. The platform is a setup or enabling environment which can be used by retailers to resell wholesaler(s) products. This can be in form of a market, WhatsApp group or websites provided for this purpose.

Methods and alternative ways to start mobile data reselling business

1. Reselling mobile data by buying mobile data directly from network operators ( Not Advisable)

This method is the oldest and conventional way of reselling mobile data. The reseller subscribe to corresponding network SME mobile data plans which are far cheaper when compared with the normal subscription offered by the network, and then shares the mobile data from his line to his customers for profits. As the reseller has to buy SME mobile data in bulk to his line, buying mobile data directly from network operators is usually capital intensive as you need more capital to start (N100K minimum). This method is not advisable

2. Reselling mobile data through a website or app (Best!!)

This involves buying mobile data for your customers online through a website or app. These mobile data reselling websites or apps are owned by individuals or companies that offer mobile data at wholesale rate. These websites or apps are programmed to automate mobile data sharing process any time a user buy mobile data on the website. Mobile data purchase requests are then sent in a queue to the devices that automatically share these mobile data to the numbers. Due to the nature of how websites and apps work

All you need is fund a virtual wallet  provided by the website and start buying mobile data. You can either buy mobile data for yourself or subscribe for others, adding your own profit to the cost of mobile data and profiting from each sale of mobile data to your customers.
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How to start mobile data reselling business in Nigeria through a web platform

To start reselling mobile data using a web platform (, here is the outline of the steps:

  1. Find a reliable mobile data reselling website and register with them. Click here to register on a reliable data reselling website.
  2. Navigate through the website menu and find link to purchase or buy data.
  3. Click on the ‘buy data’ link.
  4. Select your network.
  5. Choose the data plan you want and type your number.
  6. Click buy data. Note you’ll be required to fund your wallet before you can use any of the services. Once you buy your data, within minutes you will receive the data in your phone.

Why reselling mobile data through “Datastack” instead of direct sales from network operators?

Mobile data reselling business is a business in which individuals or business companies buy mobile data in large scale directly from telcommunication companies like; Glo, MTN, 9mobile or Etisalat and Airtel, and then resell those mobile data to end users in smaller quantity, making profits from each sales. But by reselling mobile data through “, there has been the elimination of the need to have high enough capital to buy these mobile data in order to resell in smaller quantities. In fact, sales of data with profit begins with the purchase of the smallest quatity of mobile data you can buy. Also, you avoid encountering problems and errors relating to Networks  by having”,   manually and effectively deliver mobile data to your customers at the same cost to vending mobile data from a Networks

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